Love is (Toddler Edition)

  • Smelling your hair as you sleep.
  • Almost falling out of bed every night, just so you can starfish out in the middle of the bed.
  • Watching the Minions movie for the five hundred and fifty millionth time.
  • Getting on the tram, and off the tram, and on the tram, and off the tram again and again just to see you smile.
  • Listening to your one joke; “knock knock” “who’s there?” “cow…. MOOOOO!!!”, and laughing as if it is the funniest joke in the world.
  • Getting really annoyed with something you’ve done then cuddling you tight and forgetting all about it.
  • Watching you eat your rice, one sloooooooow grain at a time.
  • Listening to you tell me you don’t like the x/y/z I’ve given you as food, then watching you eat it, when you think I’m not looking.
  • Explaining that if you don’t eat your dinner there will be no more food before bedtime, then when bedtime comes having to get you some toast because you’re hungry.
  • Watching you not eat the toast I only made you, because you said you were hungry at bedtime.
  • Reading Meg and Mog, again and again.
  • Letting you have the last crumpet.
  • Rushing to the shop to restock on bananas, Heaven forbid we run out again and I have to see your pet lip pop out.
  • Hugging you for a second too long as you wriggle to escape complaining.
  • Arguing about needing to go home when you are busy being a shopkeeper/astronaut/doctor/vet/baker.
  • Ignoring the mud on your trousers after you’ve been jumping in puddles.
  • Watching you feed the ducks drop bird seed all over the floor.
  • Wondering how I need to buy bigger clothes so soon after the last time.
  • Hearing another child giggle when you’re not with me and missing you.
  • Wondering how much longer it will be before you fall asleep, then realising you’ve been asleep for a least ten minutes.
  • Cuddling you whilst you sleep.
  • Worrying I’m doing this Mum thing the right way.



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