To the man who asked me to make my toddler be quiet

I am sorry for a number of reasons today.  But I am not sorry for my toddler making a noise in your cafe.

I am sorry that you felt the need to ask a child who is not yet two to be quiet.  A child who was enjoying himself, a child who actually wasn’t making that much noise.  And I understand I am his mother, and therefore I am biased, but I certainly do not believe that the noise he was making was offensive or too loud.  He wasn’t having a tantrum, although that might have been easier – at least I would have been embarrassed then.

I am sorry I didn’t hear you when you asked if my not yet two old could be quiet because you were on the phone, I didn’t hear you because I was talking to my toddler.  My friend explained my little boy was being too loud.  He was simply running up and down an open space excitedly because; he was at the farm, there were chickens, pigs, sheep, ducks and tractors.  All his favourite things!

I am sorry that you don’t seem to be aware that children make noise sometimes, it’s quite hard to stop an excited child to be quiet.  You are a family friendly farm encouraging little tots to come visit, look at the animals, play with the ride on tractors, the swings and slides.  Wide open spaces to run around in and a big sand pit.  Today it was too wet so just the cafe and the pig shed for us, but luckily there are books and toys.  Today there was the table with me my toddler, and two other mums with other toddlers, there was another table of three who found my little boy amusing and certainly didn’t complain, and another gentleman.  If the cafe was busy, it would have been louder then the small squeals of delight my little made as he was running around.

I am sorry that you didn’t know your cafe was the first public place my husband and I ventured out into with our new little bundle, wrapped up in his newborn clothing, shiny and new.  We have often visited you cafe and the farm and I have enjoyed my little boy growing up so close to a farm we can call in to for a nice coffee, cake and juice.  He has been growing up there.

I am sorry that I got upset with myself that someone asked me to stop my toddler being a toddler.

I am sorry but I do hope I don’t have to see you again, I will come back, I will spend money in your place of work again.  But I bloody well hope I keep my mouth shut.  Your comment was throwaway, a quick request, you probably didn’t realise it would upset me.  But he is my little boy and I will decide when I need to stop him from doing something, especially when he is doing no harm.

Yours sincerely,

Pissed off.

p.s. next time, you could walk into the kitchen with the diary if you needed quiet.  To promote a family friendly environment, you are going to ave to learn to deal with noise, I will not be staying in the house with a toddler until he is old enough to sit and be quiet.




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