Three positive things to be grateful for in September

1. Plastic Baby Shit

We have recently been to our local NCT sale to buy A some more toys more appropriate to his development stage.  Frankly, there was not enough plastic shit in my house. Armed with £20 in my hand, I now have many items for my own home, and just so my own mother doesn’t feel left out I have purchased some lovely plastic shit for Grandma’s house too! I’m sure she will love it.  Besides A is very fond of the loud noisy plastic stuff he has so far bashed and therefore I am a happy mummy.  There is nothing better than having a giggly baby.  Especially an entertained giggly baby whilst I have a well deserved cuppa.IMG_4460

On the note of plastic tat, thanks to an amazing local mum we are now the proud adoptive parents of a Jumperoo.  A thinks it is marvellous and has happily been bouncing away like a maniac in it.  Whilst initially I did feel like a slightly bad parent for introducing it, he seems to really enjoy bouncing in it for long enough to make a cuppa (notice a theme) and have a quick slurp before moving him onto another item.  Hurrah for hands off parenting!

2. Friends

Since becoming a parent I have made some pretty awesome parenting friends.  As Jane Howard said:

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”

I feel like now I have my tribe, a group of people with the same beliefs, passions and parenting goals.  It is such a wonderful thing to be able to talk to someone else who completely gets what you are doing and what you wish to achieve.  As A grows and develops I am sure my parenting style will evolve alongside, but I would hope I continue to be responsive to his needs and provide the love and support he needs.  Along with the support of my tribe I am sure I will get there.

It is so refreshing to talk to others who also carry their babies in slings, baby wearing is a massive part of my parenting style.  When I first learned to carry A people asked me why would I do that? Would it not hurt my back? Would I spoil my baby? Babywearing has been a complete god send.  At times in my parenting journey I have felt like utter shit, and full of despair, in these moments I have still had to parent my child, and in these moments Babywearing has been a god send.  When I felt so rubbish that I didn’t want to cuddle A, that I couldn’t do anything, that my house was a tip, up he went in the sling.  The contact made him feel good, and it made me feel good.  I have been supported by my tribe who all Babywear and breastfeed, as well as mostly have a general lack of routine in favour of following their baby.  All of this means I have people who understand why I’m tired, swearing or falling asleep in the corner not saying anything.  Some of the best friends are the people who you can be with without having to say anything at all.

3. Facilitated naps = My baby still needs me

At times since A has been born I have questioned my belief to ‘go with the flow’ of my baby, respond and follow his lead.  As we progress through yet another developmental leap, I have further questioned myself.  Should I have implemented a proper routine? Right now, we so do not have a routine.  I have a general weekly routine, but I do not have a daily routine.  I get up when A wakes up, sometimes this is 10.30am – but most of the time we have been awake till gone midnight.  During the day I promote a nap, A does not sleep in his cot during the day as to be quite honest it is too much hassle.  Since he was tiny, he has slept in a sling, in the car or on the move.  Once at a baby group he fell asleep on the play mat, this has not been repeated.  Since birth A has napped in the cot/moses basket for a total of 20mins.  For so long now I have stressed and become angry about how little I can do around the house as naps are a) so short and b) they involve me being there! This week he has begun to nap in my arms again, as he gets older and bigger I look at my baby, and I relish these moments of peace.  His face is relaxed and calm, he appears so content in my arms.  I look at him, gently stroke his cheek and smile in the knowledge that this is what he wants.  Babies just want to held.  Honestly, I want to hold my baby.  I am currently thinking about how fast he is growing.  This month he will be 6 months old.  These last 6 months have been a whirlwind passing by in the blink of an eye and I just don’t know how much longer I will be able to hold my napping baby as he will not be a baby for long.

What are your three positive things this month?


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